Santa Fe Lounge Car 1534

Lounge Car 1534 was built in 1914 by the Santa Fe as an ordinary coach numbered 3305, with walkover seats. In 1935 the Santa Fe decided to replace Buffet-Library cars on the Grand Canyon Limited. They took eight coaches on trains 23-24, removed the interiors and remodeled these cars into Club-Coach cars. These rebuilt cars featured modern upholstered furniture in the Club Room. Four Pullman sections, uppers and lowers, were installed to provide more seating and a place for the Dining Car crew to sleep at night.

In the center of the car a Barber Shop, Shower Bath, and a Buffet for light meals were installed. A ladies lavatory was also installed along one wall of the Barber Shop for dressing, etc. Reclining, revolving chairs were installed for passengers making use of the Buffet and Barber Shop. All of this work was done by the Santa Fe shops in Topeka.

In 1937 the Santa Fe again remodeled the Club-Coach cars. The reclining, revolving coach seats were removed. In their place six Pullman lower berths were installed. The Barber Shop, Shower Bath and Buffet were also removed. The Barber Shop was turned into a Maid’s Room. The Shower Bath was changed into a large Pantry, and the Buffet was turned into a News Stand where the latest newspapers and magazines were kept for passengers to read. The rest of the car remained unchanged, but the cars were now renamed Lounge Cars instead of Club-Coach. In this new configuration the car was assigned to trains 1 and 2, the Scout. The Scout was the all stops ? train out of Chicago to Los Angeles.

The Lounge Cars were again remodeled by the Topeka Shops in 1938. All interior furnishings were removed. Seven Pullman sections complete with upper and lower berths with tables, berth curtains, hangers and etc., were installed. A Nurse Room was installed for the treatment of ill passengers. A baby bottle sterilizer was installed in the Nurse’s Room also.

A Bar was installed in the center of the car. The rest of the car featured comfortable lounge chairs for passenger’s daytime use. The Pullman berths were used for Dining Car overflow seating, passenger lounging, games, etc. At night the upper and lower berths were made up and used by the Dining Car crew as a dormitory area to sleep. The cars were still called Lounge Cars and used on the Scout.

In 1940 the cars were repainted in two-tone gray with dark gray at the window band, light gray above and below the window band. White stripes separated the two shades of gray and the roof was black. Car number and type (Lounge – 1534) were in white.

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