CNW 7700

This lightweight coach/baggage (combine) car was built in 1923 by the American Car & Foundry Company. It was used by the Chicago & North Western as a commuter combine for suburban service. More history on the car to follow. Images found on the web Besides being featured on the Illinois Railway Museum website photo gallery other images are found online at,, and When you compare how the 7700 looks in Brad's 1999 image to more recent photos you can see how time spent outdoors has caused the exterior of the car to age. Baggage compartment door frames were completely rebuilt during the 2007 season. In the winter 2007-2008 off-season both large baggage doors are being re-fabricated. The ceiling in the passenger compartment has begun to deteriorate rapidly and will also be restructured during the 2007-2008 winter season. The current plan calls for the car to be in service for operation by May 3, 2008. New Baggage Compartment Doors Installed  Pauline Trabert was at IRM on 4/19/08 and captured a couple of photos of the recently installed baggage compartment door.

New baggage compartment door recently installed CNW 7700 new baggage compartment door

Close-up of new baggage compartment door Close-up of baggage compartment door on CNW 7700 recently installed

The second door was installed on 4/20/08 and is operational. The car will be brake tested next before going into service. See Phil Stepek's blog post for more details.

Please see the IRM Photo Gallery for more images of CNW 7700

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