Dover Strait

Bob Hunter is the Project Leader in charge of restoration on the Dover Strait. Priming the exterior of Dover Strait under the direction of Bob Hunter began August 11, 2007. The car had been primed in 1993 but manpower was not available to finish the painting project at that time. Bob Hunter came to the Dover Strait project in 1996 and worked to repair interior damage and replace fixtures at that time. Recent work is geared toward completion of the exterior painting and in mid-September one side of the car was again lightly sanded and primed with an epoxy based primer prior to receiving the two-tone gray finish coats. The stripe has yet to be completed and there is much more painting required to complete the exterior painting project. Many more images from the Railroad Coach department demonstrating work on the Dover Strait can be enjoyed online.

Dover Strait 8/11/07 Before Primer

August 11, 2007 Dover Strait before primer application.

Brian Tapp assisted by Chuck Trabert

Brian Tapp was lead painter; Chuck Trabert holds the ladder

Brian Tapp Helps Bob Kutella

Brian Tapp assists Bob Kutella as he demonstrates technique.

09/08/07 Dover Primed

Primer coat was finished completely 09/08/07

See the IRM photo gallery for the NYC Dover Strait for updated images.

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