Welcome to the Illinois Railway Museum Coach Department!

Milwaukee Road Lake City
California Zephyr Silver Pony
Nevada Northern Ely
Santa Fe Lounge Car 1534
New York Central Dover Strait
Chicago & North Western 7700

While not all passenger cars are under the care of the Passenger Car Department at the Illinois Railway Museum, at least 55 cars are maintained, improved, and often restored by us. Restoration is an ongoing thing but the main goal of the Passenger Car Department at this time is to get a roof over all passenger cars as quickly as possible to prevent further weather-related damage. This requires a great deal of planning, teamwork and funding.

Facilities and Equipment

Barn 3 currently houses the most passenger cars in any car barn at IRM, but not all of the passenger cars can fit into one barn. Within Barn 3 there are a few cars open for walking through while others are lighted and can only been seen through the windows while walking through Barn 3.

The Barn 4 workshop facilities are shared by all departments for woodworking and metal piece work. Large projects such as painting are completed inside or outside the individual cars while parked either inside or outside of Barn 3. The dedicated volunteers work on various projects usually in groups of two or more and often for decades at a time.

As passenger car projects require work outside of any barn, the Passenger Car Department volunteers depend on assistance from the Diesel Department volunteers to move the huge cars as needed.

llinois Railway Museum Railroad Passenger and Baggage Cars Roster

Railroad Coach Collection Curator and Passenger Car Department Head: Paul Cronin, effective January 1, 2015.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Illinois Railway Museum Coach Department!

  1. I own a pair of antique Hale & Kilburn Manufacturing walkover train seats with cane/wicker upholstery from the Erie Lackawanna RR — formed by the merger of the Erie Railroad and Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad (DL&W).

    Would you be interested in receiving them as a donation? They’re in northern New Jersey, and would have to be transported by the IRM from here.

    If you’re not interested, can you suggest a forum in which I could advertise them for sale?

    Douglas Newman

    • Douglas could you please send me some pictures of the seats one of the bottom one of the side and one of the front. That would determine if we could use them or not . thank you
      shelly vanderschaegen

    • If you still have these seats, I am most interested in seeing a photo(s). Have been searching high and low for installation in a new motorhome. If you no longer have, any assistance in pointing me in the direction of finding same will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Richard Lawrence

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